Anyone and everyone that’s been around the National Premier Leagues NSW Men’s competition knows and has seen the hard work and efforts of one man that has been a Blacktown City man through and through, the loveable and likeable GC also known as Graham Crawhall.

The legend of Blacktown has held a few administrative roles at the club as well as at Football NSW but has always been seen as City’s number one team manager of all time.

Saturday’s big Grand Final match against Manly United at CommBank Stadium is an event GC cannot wait to attend and one he hopes his beloved City boys will deliver with a victory.

Truth be told, the boys from Blacktown City along with their inspirational coach Mark Crittenden will win at all costs in ensuring this Cup is lifted by the great man they call GC.

Currently battling illness, the 74-year-old has continued to attend matches at the club’s home fortress and away matches as that’s been giving him the energy he has needed to get him through some tough times.

As a sport and organisation, we all stand tall and close with those who have given so much to the game, Crawhall has certainly been one of those advocates.

One man that hopes to win it for GC will be Crittenden who regards him as his best mate and number one confidant.

“I met GC thirty plus years ago when a Under 12’s side at Greystanes Soccer Club I coached qualified for Champion of Champions and we drew a country trip. GC, who I think was Secretary of the club at that stage said he would organise a bus and drive us down. I remember winning 2-0 and that night a friendship and a love of VB started and is as solid as you could ever get.

“When I came to Blacktown City nearly 20 years ago, GC immediately wanted to manage my team and we have been together ever since.

“Everybody at Blacktown City not only knows GC but they love GC.

“He would give the shirt off his back to help a player or parent in tough times, which reminds me of a story when we won the Grans Final in the State League back when I was playing and we partied hard into the early hours of Monday morning. Some of us stayed and fell asleep on his couch. He went straight into his bedroom and took the doona off his bed whilst wife Carol was snuggled up and made sure we were warm. “Bugger Carol” he said.

“GC loves Blacktown City and especially the players. He worked at the club for a while when Ken Schembri was General Manager and worked at Football NSW for quite a while and his abilities as an administrator are second to none in my opinion.

“GC has been battling ill health for a while, but he continues to be around the boys at every game and still lets out the odd sledge during a match from the bench, and if we can get a result on Saturday the first person, I will hug Is my best mate GC, and if we don’t win on Saturday the first person I will hug Is my best mate GC.”

An inspiration to many, Blacktown City will be firing up for the main man GC in ensuring he will be celebrating once more in the wee eyes of a Sunday morning with his beloved club and crew he calls family.

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